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Training Modules

Hey there!

Below is an overview of the modules and lessons we have created for medical students, residents, and cardiac surgeons. Be sure to check back often as we have more videos to come! 

Medical Student Module

We currently have 3 lessons below for medical students!

We also plan to add:

  • Tying in a hole
  • Subcuticular stitch

Resident Module

We have 4 videos planned for this module!

  • Needle Angle Practice
  • End-to-Side Bowel Anastomosis
  • End-to End Vascular Anastomosis
  • Vascular Patch Anastomosis


Cardiac Surgery Module

For this module, we have the following 3 videos planned!

  • End-to-Side Vascular Anastomosis (proximal CABG)
  • End-to-Side Vascular Anastomosis (distal CABG)
  • Aortic Valve Module

More Modules Coming Soon!